Welcome to Season 19!
Welcome Everyone to Season 19!

After a great Season 18, we weren't sure what could make this season better.

But with a lot of thought and time, we have adjusted and made Season 19 even better.

More chances to learn, easy ways to earn points, and a better than ever way to improve your game!

Starting this Monday night, July 17th, at Woofs! (Sign in at 7, early points until 745, game starts at 8)

Season 19 will run through October 8th with Finales the week of October 9th.

Each night will feature a bounty on each player, our Big Hand Bonus (quads or better earn points for everyone), and our Big Crowd Bonus!

New this Season:

Big Crowd Bonus will trigger at 3 tables, regardless of the number of people.
3 tables earns an extra 300 points for everyone at the final table and 4 tables or more earns 500 points for everyone at the final table!

Dealer training will happen at least once this season and will be open to everyone.
Dealers at the games will get a minimum of 100 points for any dealing.
An additional 100 points for each break you deal up to.
And 500 points for dealing an entire game.

Dealer or poker training before each game!

This Season you will only need 2500 points to qualify for the Season 19 Grand Finale!

This Season's Top Points Finale will be a 6max Double Stack tournament with 17 players plus Matthew P!

6max is an extremely fun and exciting way to play traditional Texas Hold Em.
The only difference is that there is a maximum of 6 players at any table.
This means more hands per blind, more aggressive play, and a lot more action per hand.
And of course, more hands per blind.

Since we did a special Tuesday game all season last season, we are doing it again in Season 19!

Every Tuesday will be a 6max Double Stack Tournament!

Since there is a lot more action we decided that each Tuesday game will also feature twice the starting chips as our regular games!

Lots of great fun and great experience to be had this season so come out and join us.  And if we aren't playing where you want to play, let us know.

If your lead gets us a new location, you get $250 cash!

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