TD Gamenights Season 22

Season of the Bounty Hunter

Season 22 starts 5/14/2018 and runs through 8/5/2018.

The Grand Finale and Top Points Finale will be the week of 8/6/2018 thru 8/11/2018.

For Season 22 we want to make the competition better than ever.

Everyone seems to enjoy the Bounty chips that every player plays with and this season we are making those chips mean more than ever before.

This season two players will have a heads up match for a very special reward at the end of the season.  This heads up match will take place before or during the Finales week.

This season we will be tracking how many bounties each player earns.  And the player who earns the most bounties will play the player who wins the overall points title for the season.  If the player with the overall points total for the season is also the player with the most bounties then that player will play Matthew P heads up to earn the reward.

Bounty chips will be worth 100 points each and the player leading the Bounty Hunter race at the start of each week will have a 200 point bounty on their head.

Dealers this season will be rewarded as follows:

100 points for any dealing.

200 points for dealing 1 or more blinds.

300 points for dealing until the TD dismisses you.

500 for dealing an entire game (even if it means dealing after you are out)

Bonus hands are simplified this season.  A bonus hand is any hand that is played all the way out to the river.  It must involve two or more players (and not just someone showing their cards).  And it must be an Aces over 10's Full House or better to be considered a Bonus Hand or Big Hand.  If a Bonus Hand also includes a bad beat for one of the players involved, that will trigger a Bad Beat Bonus. 

All Bonus Hands are 100 points for all players in the game.

Bad Beat Hands are 100 points for all players in the game.

Of course we are thrilled to be able to continue our sponsorship by Horseshoe Casino and Resort in Tunica and their amazing prize package will once again be the Grand Prize for our Season 22 Grand Finale.

2 nights stay at the Horseshoe Tunica.

$300 credit on your Total Rewards card to use on anything you like (except gambling).

$150 in cash for your room deposit and your gas for the trip, or $50 cash for your room deposit and a driver to take you to Tunica and back and drive while there.

Although not a guarantee, we may even get you 2 tickets to one of the awesome shows at Bluesville while you are staying at the Horseshoe (ask Matthew P for details).

For our Top Points Tournament we have a big change.  Matthew P has decided that since he may be playing the Total Points winner and the Top Bounty Hunter, he shouldn't play in the Top Points Bounty Finale.  So he's decided to be cruel and heartless and unleash his sense of humor on you.  That's right.  This season the Top Points Bounty Tournament is Guaranteed to have the Top 15 Point Totals AND a player of his choice.  He's giving up his seat at the Top Points Finale and picking a shark.

This Season is going to feature some serious competition, some fierce players, and a lot of FUN!  Our Grand Finale is only going to require 2500 points to qualify to play and the Top Points Finale is open to the Top 15 Point Totals.

It's going to be great and the best part about it is, as always, all of you!

We have updated the website ( to include the August 2017 Poker Tournament Directors Association rules updates.  These are the rules that the WSOP uses and the rules we try to adhere to.

The best poker in Atlanta is played with TD Gamenights, make sure you are part of it!

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